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Product Brand
milestone card vortageins
baby cream Bübchen
Baby socks bellybutton
Dummy BIBS
Name book vortageins
dummy box BIBS
Dummy chain BIBS
Pregnancy diary vortageins
Make-up remover pads truemorrow
Grasping toy Goki
Nursing scarf bellybutton
Soft toy Sigikid
Bath thermometer reer
Burp cloth bellybutton
Teething ring BIBS
Cap bellybutton
Charging cable fuse Gadgetto
Woodworm inware
Bandana BIBS
Accupressure bands reer
Baby Pixi booklet Carlsen Verlag
Cuddle cloth inware
toothbrush nature truemorrow
Body bellybutton

This list is just an example. The calendar may contain similar, comparable products from a different manufacturer.

Countdown Box The calendar’s total price—based on the manufacturers’ RRPs—is €200 including its wonderful packaging.
The packaging is made from sustainable materials, and all products meet the highest safety and quality standards.