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Inhalte des Premium Adventskalenders

product brand
Baby Socks bellybutton mother nature
Belly Elixier mommyspa
Pram stickers julies Babysticker
Keyring maclino
Dummyclip Goki
Swiss stone pine cushion millemarille
Dummy NUK
Bonnet bellybutton
Babybrush truemorrow
Belly Balm mommyspa
Belly brusch mommyspa
“Utensilo” fabric utensil box Wildreiß
Wooden toys Goki
Cleaning pads truemorrow
Oil soap mommyspa
Cap Wildreiß
Bip bellybutton
Lip balm truemorrow
Baby pump pants WildReiß handmade
Carabiner hook reer
Pacifier bag WildReiß handmade
Comfort blanket Grünspecht
Chargin cable lock Gadgetto
Nappy clutch Wildreiß
Adventskalender Premium
A milestone card (photo card) is included with every box. The calendar’s total price, including its wonderful packaging, is €400 (based on the manufacturers’ RRPs). The calendar is vegan and virtually plastic-free. The packaging is made from sustainable materials, and all products meet the highest safety and organic quality standards.