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What's inside?

Advent calendar contents

Product Brand
milestone card* vortageins
Dummy NUK
pregnancy diary* vortageins
Baby cream Bübchen
Dummyclip Goki
Charging cable lock Gadgetto
Bib bibsworld/ Wörner Südfrottier
Acupressure band reer
Baby socks bellybuton
Rattle Goki
Nursing scarf bellybutton
Name book* reclam Verlag
Bath thermometer reer
Bonnet bellybutton
Toothpaste truemorrow
Cap bellybutton
Make-up removal pads truemorrow
Wooden worm inware
Buggy hook reer
Baby Pixi booklet* Carlsen Verlag
Comfort blanket inware
Toothbrush truemorrow
Bodysuit bellybutton

*In the English and French versions, German-language products were exchanged for neutral substitutes.

This list is just an example. The calendar may contain similar, comparable products from a different manufacturer.

Adventskalender The calendar’s total price—based on the manufacturers’ RRPs—is €200 including its wonderful packaging.
The packaging is made from sustainable materials, and all products meet the highest safety and quality standards.